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Hi, I’m Elliot.

My Story

As a third-generation craftsman in a family with a deep-rooted legacy in woodworking, I, Elliot, have always been deeply connected to the art of creating with wood. Growing up in a town known for its rich woodworking heritage, my childhood was filled with the familiar sounds of saws and the comforting scent of fresh timber. From a young age, I found myself drawn to the intricate process of transforming raw wood into pieces of both beauty and function.

I pursued a degree in Design and Craftsmanship and spent several years exploring Scandinavia. This journey profoundly influenced my design sensibilities, introducing me to the minimalist and functional design ethos of the region. These experiences were transformative, inspiring me to blend Scandinavian aesthetics with my family's traditional woodworking techniques.

Upon returning to helm the family business, I infused it with new, innovative designs while maintaining the quality and authenticity that had been its cornerstone for generations. My work, which includes everything from bespoke furniture to detailed decorative pieces, is a unique fusion of contemporary Scandinavian style and the age-old skills inherited from my ancestors.

Beyond crafting, I am passionate about sustaining the lineage of traditional woodworking. I dedicate part of my time to mentoring young artisans, ensuring that these valuable skills continue to thrive. My commitment to craftsmanship, community involvement, and ecological responsibility not only preserves my family's legacy but also redefines excellence in the realm of custom woodworking.

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